Andrew Meyer Holds Massachusetts Medical Board Responsible for Failing to Protect Patients from Dangerous Doctors

Boston's Top Medical Malpractice Attorney Featured Prominently in Boston Magazine Exposé 

Andrew Meyer Boston Attorney
Boston med-mal attorney and patient safety advocate Andrew C. Meyer, Jr.
Boston Magazine features an exposé by writer Michael Damiano who reports on the secretive world of Boston doctors. A world where physicians who have had multiple claims of medical malpractice brought against them, continue to practice medicine and avoid accountability or punishment. In The Secret Truth About Boston Doctors, Damiano turns to Andrew Meyer to provide perspective on the situation.

Writes Damiano:
“Meyer is not only Boston's most prolific medical malpractice attorney, but he also has one of the best views of how the system that is supposed to protect patients from bad doctors consistently fails. Every month, his firm, Lubin & Meyer, fields hundreds of calls from people who believe they have been harmed by negligent care.”
Damiano cites sexual misconduct, sloppy mistakes often with catastrophic consequences, and a medical board that often looks the other way. The article is built around the medical saga of Lubin & Meyer client, Charles Antonio, who suffered a serious injury during spine surgery by surgeon, Michael Medlock, MD. Antonio was unaware that his physician had settled several medical malpractice lawsuits filed by other patients also injured during surgery. To make matters worse, Damiano reveals that this same doctor was recently appointed to the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, the independent state agency that oversees licensing, regulation and the discipline of physicians that have harmed patients.
“When physicians with histories of bad outcomes do face consequences, the sanctions tend to be temporary or easily circumvented. Doctors quietly leave one hospital, only to pop up at another. In severe cases, a doctor with a history of problems might leave Massachusetts altogether and reboot his or her career in another state,” reports Damiano.

Who Will Protect Patients from Dangerous Doctors?

According to Meyer, the medical board and state government have never adequately protected patients. He describes the work of his medical malpractice law firm as the only recourse against the powerful medical regime, serving in essence as a consumer protection bureau for patients.
“Many medical professionals approach their work with the seriousness, preparation and abundance of caution that we as patients would expect. But there exists among physicians a culture of protecting one another, a lack of transparency, and an ultimate failure to self regulate when serious behavior problems and bad outcomes occur. It's a dangerous situation with repeat offenders being allowed to move from facility to facility and continue to do harm under a shroud of secrecy.”
“We often are the only defense for patients and their families whose lives have been forever changed as a result of a preventable medical error. Our important work on behalf of our clients holds medical professionals responsible, exposes dangerous medical practices and advocates for the safety of all patients.” — Andrew C. Meyer, Jr.

To read the full Boston Magazine feature length article, see below.

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