CBS News Investigation Confirms What Attorney Andrew Meyer Has Been Saying About Dangerous Doctors Avoiding Discipline

A two-part investigation by CBS News delves into the problem of dangerous doctors avoiding discipline for medical malpractice by state medical boards. According to the reporting, "Less than 2% of doctors account for more than half of all malpractice payments."

The same issue exists here in Massachusetts. Lubin & Meyer founding partner, well known patient safety advocate and medical malpractice Attorney Andrew C. Meyer, Jr. has been speaking out on this issue for years. He was featured in a recent Boston Magazine exposé, The Secret Truth About Boston Doctors, criticizing the Massachusetts medical board for its failure to discipline bad doctors. The board, says Meyer, is more interested in protecting bad doctors than protecting patients. He also appeared on NBC10 Boston as a follow-up on the topic.

"We see the same names on a regular basis," said Meyer. "We see the same hospitals show up time and time again with the same problems, and one of the major issues is there’s no corrective action being taken. There’s much more of a "circle the wagons" mentality to protect the reputation — the insurance company is trying to protect their own financial interest, and there’s no effort to expose the mistakes, make changes, change policies and procedures to protect patients."

Meyer says that there is very little in Massachusetts that patients can do to protect themselves, other than get a very good recommendation. "In Massachusetts you can find out more about your refrigerator or your toaster than you can about your doctor. You can’t find out the history of your doctor. You’d have to really know your way through the court system to find out how many cases have been filed against a doctor."

Link to the Boston Magazine article here: The Secret Truth About Boston Doctors.

See Andrew Meyer on NBC10 Boston discussing the topic: Lack of Disciplining Bad Doctors in Massachusetts

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