Medical Apologies and Early Settlements Must Not Limit Patient Rights

A coalition of Massachusetts hospitals (including Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Baystate Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital) will test an initiative designed to lower medical malpractice lawsuits by increasing prompt apologies and financial settlements to patients harmed by medical errors. Insurers and a medical group are funding the initiative.

As reported in The Boston Globe, "the plan calls on doctors and nurses to fully disclose mistakes to patients and apologize." By accepting a financial settlement, a patient surrenders the right to sue.

The article quotes Lubin & Meyer attorney Drew Meyer, who represents many patients in medical malpractice claims.
“For the most part, malpractice insurers are looking for a discount from fair compensation’’ by making an early offer, Meyer said. But “if a patient’s rights are not limited in any way, I have no issue with an attempt at early resolution. Cases just drag on for years.’’
You can read the full article in The Boston Globe at: Mass. hospitals promise openness, apologies.

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