Law Professor Concerned that Medical Apology Programs Might Manipulate Patients

WBUR reporter Sacha Pfeiffer follows up on the medical apologies and early settlement initiative (see previous post) in this All Things Considered interview with Suffolk Law professor, Gabriel Teninbaum. While Teninbaum, believes that apologies are good for both patients and doctors, full transparency about a patient's full choices must be made clear.
“Here’s all I’d have happen: as part of this process at the very, very outset, when a patient is having this conversation with his or her doctor and risk manager, there would be a statement that, ‘Look, we have potentially different and adverse interests in this because there’s a legal matter to deal with — the medical malpractice issue — and you should seek legal counsel.”
You can listen to the full interview here on WBUR, or read the article on WBUR.com.

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