Hospital Safety: The Shocking Truth

An infographic recently released by AcceleratedNursing.net reveals the startling statistics on patient safety in America.

Click here to view full infographic.

We previously cited The Journal of Patient Safety, which published a study reporting that as many as 440,000 people die each year from preventable medical errors in hospitals. In other words, 50 people die every hour from a preventable hospital error.

Among the causes of these preventable deaths:
  • Falls
    • 300,000 falls in medical units, especially among the elderly
    • 82,000 of those falls leading to injury 
  • Medication Errors 
    • 7,000 deaths a year
    • Contributing factors
      • Communication errors
      • Drug labeling errors
      • Inadequate lighting
      • Cluttered work space
      • Distractions
      • Fatigue
  • Drug Resistant Illnesses
  • Hospital Acquired Infection
    • 25% of preventable deaths most commonly through
      • Central line-associated bloodstream infections
      • Catheter-associated urinary tract infections
      • Surgical site infections
      • Clostridium difficile (bacteria) infections
Click here to view full infographic in full size, and more information on sources.

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